Labor Day weekend

I'm up at Lake Almanor again ... this is the front of the house .. it's 2-story at the front and 3 at the back on the lake-side ... will be going home Wednesday .. after my penultimate dental appointment .. weather's been sunny but breezy in the afternoons. Lots of company but they're leaving today ...
Driving back to the house one day, we spotted this well fed doe lying on the back patio of a house .. curled up like a dog .. so I stopped to take a photo .. naturally, she got up and gave me the once over .. I got a good pose from her.
This is Daniel .. my friend Michelle's youngest son. He was up at the lake working and funning (that's Jennifereze for having a good time) .. I thought he'd get a kick out of seeing his photo on the blog! He graduates next year from high school and his future involves college and/or ?
I have found a website that's unique ... submit a photo and it will be edited with a photo of Zorro, his cat, and he will then send a donation to WWF or SPCA on your behalf. He can't do many each month because it's costly for him but maybe some person with lots of money to spare can send him a donation for the charities and he can post more pics each month. In any event, it costs nothing to send him one of your travel photos and see what he does with it ...
That's all for now ... did you find ME in the school photo below yet???


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