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I have finally ventured into Craig's List!! How much easier than ebay ... localized sales to check ... no ads or popups ... no cost to list your items ... easy place to navigate!
I placed my ad and the first contact was from a crook! You've read about these scams ... his secretary erroneously sent a check for $3,000 more than the amount agreed on so he asked if I'd send him back the change! I'm stringing him along for a while then I'll email everything to the FTC and whoever else would be interested. What worries me, is that there are so many people out there who'd be taken in by this smoothie! But there are lots of signals if you don't overlook them.
So happy am I with Craig's list that I've placed a second ad! Let's see what champs and chumps that will bring in. If I manage to sell my items, I'll list another one!


At September 14, 2008 at 6:33 PM , Blogger Mary said...

Do be careful Jen - have heard some horror stories about Craig's List in these parts. Sound like you know how to spot the bad guys though!!!

Regarding little James - is the surgery a go for tomorrow? I want to keep him in my thoughts and prayers and hope that everything goes OK.

Have you heard from P&S by chance? She said AT&T were setting up a special phone connection or something.


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