The big move!!

THE FUN: At the end of June, 8 English visitors arrived at my sister's house .. I only knew one of them from when I was a little girl .. her father was my father's best friend when he lived in Blackpool. After a day at the San Carlos house, we all drove up to my sister's house on Lake Almanor, northern California and for ten days I had a blast. I laughed like I hadn't laughed in months and months .. laughed til I cried!
I felt like I was back home again ... cuppa tea first thing in the morning .. the good English tea, not the Liptons stuff .. eggs, back bacon, bangers ... so much food ... and so many stairs (fortunately) so I didn't pack it on!
I have resolved to return home next year ... everyone says I wont know it, but it's 'home' and I need to reconnect.
On July 8th we parted ways .. I drove north to Oregon and they went south back to San Carlos .. they raised my spirits so much, I'll not forget any of them! I have photos which I'll post as soon as I find them! lol

THE MOVE: On Wednesday, July 25th, I picked up the U-Haul at 11:30am ... six of us loaded it up and at 6:30pm, we left my home in Roseburg, OR (one final time) .. one U-Haul, two cars ... made a one hour stop at a friend's house then hit the highway again at 8:30pm .. arriving in Yreka, CA at 10:20pm where we stayed the night. We left Yreka at 8:30am the next morning, and arrived in San Carlos, CA around 1:45pm .. two friends came and helped unload the truck. Can't believe I did all that in two days .. My plans were to move on August 2nd or 3rd but earlier was more convenient for my help ..
I had a moving/estate sale on Saturday, July 21st and took in enough money to pay for the moving truck and gasoline (for a 440 mile trip, you can imagine the cost ... filling up two cars and one truck!!)
Packing was very difficult because of all the memories going along with everything. And having to make a new start on my own is a daunting thought.