This was taken at my first job out of college .. at the Princes Hotel in St. Annes, Lancashire. It was near a golf course and was a really nice hotel. I was the Major's (the manager) secretary, part time receptionist/phone operator/bartender and whatever else needed doing. It was a lot of fun. I earned seven pounds fifteen! I was paid one of the higher salaries of anyone in my class.



We have two exciting trips planned ... the first will be to safari in Africa - Botswana, Zambia, South Africa with a daytrip to Zimbabwe. There are four 'girls' going together ... all limeys! Should be a blast.
Second trip will be cruising around the South Pacific, starting in Papeete and ending in Auckland - that trip is scheduled for November.
I've had my shots for Africa (Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Tetanus) so it's just a matter of sit and wait now! That's the hardest part.
Stay tuned!



From 1974 until we moved to Oregon, my husband and I went to all 49er home games (had season tickets since day one!). Mostly we tailgated with our friends Mary and George and my sister and brother-in-law. We had the most lavish spreads and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. On more than one occasion, we travelled farther afield to watch our team play. This was taken in Tijuana in the late '70s .. it shows George, my sister Paula and I trying on sombreros. We'd gone down to watch the 49ers/Rams game (when they were the Los Angeles Rams) and took a side trip across the border. Memories are great!


When I was driving around the other day, I saw this loooooooong SUV pulling over to drop off some passengers. I didn't stay around to see how many it dropped off, but I'm pretty sure it can carry more than my Prius!