Office Christmas Party

December 10th was the office party for my sister's business. For the first time in years, it wasn't held here at the house (due to my brother-in-law's illness) but at the Pacific Athletic Club - an absolutely beautiful place with a huge banquet room. The hors d'oeuvres were a Mediterranean blend and there was an open bar along with wine, champagne and beer. The dinner offered prime rib and chicken with everything you could think of to accompany them - various salads, pasta, fruit, etc.

The service was exceptional - every time I returned to my table, my napkin was neatly folded in my place and my drinks were refilled. Dirty dishes disappeared as if by magic. I took my friend Mary and we had a great time along with the other 70 or so people. We had a gift exchange - I ended up with a portable steamer/wrinkle remover (not one that works on the face unfortunately) and Mary had a stand-up jewelry doll to hold your rings, necklace, etc., when you take them off. It was a very pleasant 4 hours.


One more of Daphne

She has just found out that if she stays in the living room, she can watch the squirrels and birds outside on the deck. The birds, of course, go back and forth to the feeder and bird bath .. but the squirrels dart along the deck right in front of the sliding glass doors ... and along the railing. Such excitement!