The Lady In Red

My LOL (little old lady) has been a real joy to me ... she talks to me, she rubs her scent all over my head when I'm in bed, she licks my nose and she wakes me up when she thinks it's time to open the vertical blinds so she can chase the sunlight reflecting into the living room. It's not quite as much fun as having a husband but it's not without its perks. I bought her a little $4 oval bed from PetCo, then I saw the red nylon cubes at Target (I shop at all the best stores) and purchased two of them, now velcroed together. She loved them so much, I put the little bed in one side of a cube and that's her most favorite spot for most of the day ...
Well, I'm heading off to bed now - hope I can get to sleep before she realizes I'm there!


My brother-in-law passed away

We lost my brother-in-law Sterling on January 8th after his long battle with cancer.
This is one of my favorite photos of him .. it was taken as we were flying back home from a weekend at the lake house last July. I was sitting next to the pilot and he was in back seat (his choice) and I held my little camera above my head, pointed it back and down, and took this photo.
If you're interested, his obit is on - then you'll have to search for obituaries - it'll only be on there until February 9th I believe.
He put up a valiant fight to live for many years - such a strong person! He was a really nice man and a lot of people are going to miss him.