Birthday 2008

Last year, my dear Rich died just three weeks before my birthday. My day came and went .. my mind was a total blur .. memory completely shot. All I remember is crying at the dinner table because Rich wasn't there. This year, it came and went and it was harder for me than last year. (There's something positive to be said about having your mind in a fog!!)

I miss having friends close by who I can grab a cup of tea or coffee with or go shopping with or just sit and talk with ... Rich made every day so special for me ... now my birthday is just another day. I guess that's what happens when you have a huge void in your life. Hopefully, things will get better from here on ... I'm looking forward to that.

I think STUPID has finally figured out how to get the food out of the squirrel feeder .. can't be sure, but I haven't seen him sniffing at the bottom of the feeder and the food is disappearing at an accelerated rate! Good for you, STUPID! Guess you don't need that sign anymore.

The new thing for the furry little 4-legged critters is trying to get to the birds' suet! I moved it away from the squirrel feeder and hung it under the top deck about 5' from the bird feeder and far away from the uprights. Here comes one of the little devils ... down from the top deck, hanging on one of the uprights with two legs and stretched out as far as he can towards the suet feeder! Yesterday I heard a big THUD and knew immediately what it was ... the suet feeder was lying on the deck and there was no perp. to be seen! I'll hang it once more and if they knock it down again, I'll move it ...

If the TV ever goes out during the day, I have built-in entertainment outside!