A Love Story - Stanley and Gabriel

This is absolutely priceless - if you have any experience at all with cats, Stanley is a typical little bugger (English for little devil) ...
At one point we had two German Shepherds and two cats and guess who was the boss!

Full Moon

Last night was a full moon and I wanted to try something 'different' instead of the big black sky with the big white globe ... I took the 'big white globe' through some leafless trees and tinkered with the gamma settings and ended up with this. What do you think???

Last night was the very first time Daphne jumped up onto the top shelf of her condo .. she's not a youngster so I think she was waiting until her confidence caught up with her ambition. She sat for a while looking at the nightscape of the bay - the lights, reflections, etc. then she settled down and went fast asleep, as you can see here. The subsequent photos I took showed open eyes, so this is the only one showing her sleeping.


More photos of DAPHNE

I managed to take a nice photo of her right before she moved ... She's sitting in the space between the two levels of my apartment .. just the right size for her. I'm getting to see more of her personality now she's settling in and she's obviously come from a good home. I don't understand how they could have surrendered her to the Pound after 11 years but I'm glad I was there to find her and bring her home .. she's definitely a 'home body' ...

She's enjoying her condo and finally mustered enough courage to jump onto the first level by herself. I have been putting her on there in the top basket and she stays for quite a while but I haven't seen her get up there herself until today.
She also jumps on my bed when I go to bed and she graciously allows me to pet her for a few minutes before she settles down. The story continues ...