My sister just returned from an African photo safari. This one is her favorite. This male lion is about 5 years old and in his prime. She was fortunate enough to take this as he laid down on a raised area with the setting sun in the background.

In stark contrast to the beauty above, this is MY favorite photo. I have not seen such a funny face on any animal .... I wonder what happened??!! If you have an appropriate caption, I'd be pleased to hear it.

This is the photograph her husband gave her as a birthday gift .. it's titled "Polar Kiss" ... I love the look on the polar bear's face.


You can laugh at me now!

I have been watching the International Space Station fly over for the last few days .. I'm really interested in 'space' things. My little Nikon Coolpix L5 is a great little camera but, try as I might, I can't get a shot of the ISS going by. This is the best I can do ... there's a tiny whitish streak in the middle of the photo ... go ahead and laugh. I'm putting a new camera on my Christmas list!


Sky Shots

I have a fascination with the sky, clouds, planets, ISS, etc. so I can't resist when I see a beautiful, weird, or interesting photo-op. This one was taken from my deck and doesn't really reflect the scene which was bright orange/pink hills in the east bay, over a darker foreground.

As soon as I saw this orange moon, I ran for my camera! What a shame it wasn't a full moon too .. but it still made an awesome sight in the dark sky. Perhaps it was orange from some of the smoke from the Auburn fires to the northwest.

I was on my deck to watch the ISS go by and even took a photo of it as it flew by, but my little camera isn't good enough to take that shot. This full moon was the best I could do - taken September 5th.