Bear With Me!

I had lots of good intentions to post the animal rescue pics and stories but haven't got to it yet ...
Been having major problems with my back and after an EMG, I'm on a big steroid-pak for six days to try to eliminate the inflammation then they're talking about an epidural to ease the pain .. hopefully for a few months. It worked in childbirth, so hopefully it'll work for my hip/groin/leg pain. Once I lose some more weight, the pain should ease on its own but I can't keep limping around - my other leg is starting to hurt now with all the pressure on one side!
My volunteering at the local hospital should get started hopefully next week or the week after .. I've been ready for some time but the volunteer coordinator has been too busy to get me scheduled ... so I'm a volunteer-in-waiting.
Will try to get the animal pics. posted soon .. so bear with me (no pun intended) ... and yes, there is a bear story too!


Stay Tuned

I'm doing well with my Bluetooth earpiece ... I'm quite used to it now ... it works great ... so I'm an official geek!
Just got through Rich's birthday and our wedding anniversary ... pretty tough being the first time since my dear Rich's death but I managed ok ..
I'm on my way to volunteering at our local hospital ... background check should be done by tomorrow and on Monday I get a TB check and flu vaccination then I'll be put on the schedule .. I hope. I had a TB vaccination when I was a kid (in England) but apparently not everyone knows there is a vaccine against it. This probably means my test will come back positive .. so I have to be sure to tell them (again) that I was vaccinated. I gather it wasn't done over here ...
I'm going to post some pics. and information regarding the animal rescue organization Rich and I ran for a few years .. people need to know what happens to some animals ... and there are some funny stories to go along with the pics too!
Be back soon ...