On October 16th I went to the Peninsula Humane Society with the intention of adopting one cat but when I arrived, I saw DAPHNE ... and decided to bring her home with me. She's a petite kitty with unique markings and a great personality. She's 11-years old and declawed on the front paws and I wondered who else would adopt her ... most people want kittens or younger cats. She won me over and she has a home now for the rest of her life. My longest-lived cat was 23 when she died and our last cat was 18, so 11 isn't so old!

I bought all the supplies at PetCo, including this condo which I put in front of the sliding glass doors so she has a view over the Bay. In this photo, you can see her markings. One tiny glitch - she doesn't stay still long enough for me to take a nice photo of her. I've taken about 30 so far and these two are the best .. and far from perfection! I'm sure once she settles in (she's pretty much there now) I'll be able to take a great shot.