An Aggravating Game

I've had this helicopter game on 'My Favorites' for years ... it's the most aggravating 'game' ... but my record is 1,400 and something ... give it a try ... it takes practice to get the feel of how the copter reacts to your mouse but it's addictive so be warned. You'll probably have to copy and paste into your browser.

Been feeling really 'down' lately ... and I was doing so well. I am just plain lonely ... Rich was my life for 32 years and it's tough building a new one alone ... and I can't do much until these blasted doctors (1) decide if it's my spine or hip that's causing so much pain and (2) FIX IT!!! I have one friend here who I rarely see because she's so busy.

Bay Area drivers: everyone's in such a rush and the majority are so damned rude. Three quarters of the vehicles apparently don't have indicators! And my (car's) rear end seems to attract very close attention! I drive Hwy 280 at 68 mph and everyone and his uncle overtakes me .. at least I don't have a sudden panic when I see a CHP! I am hoping that my courtesy on the road will catch on but I'm not holding my breath.

Good news on 'Stupid' ... he jumped on the squirrel feeder today and pushed the lid up with his nose but still didn't figure out that if he pushed a little harder, he'd be able to jump right in. At least he's getting close! How many weeks has it been now? lol


Almanor and Dentist

I went up to LAKE ALMANOR (Plumas County, CA) on March 14th (with my sister and brother-in-law) for a peaceful weekend AND a Monday appointment at the dentist's office. There was still quite a bit of snow around but the roads were cleared (except for those which are rarely used). We had a couple of flurries while there but generally it was cool and clear. This photo was the prettiest sunset we saw over the weekend.

Now .. when it comes to DENTISTS, I'm not a brave soul by any means. I usually can't sleep for a couple of nights beforehand, especially if I'm going to have something major done.
[Note aside: Doesn't it seem like the smaller your mouth, the more they want to put in there?]
I actually LIKE my dentist at Lake Almanor ... Dr. Eric Dunbar. For the first time in my entire, decades-long life, I spent three and a half hours at his office and felt no discomfort or pain during or since my visit! I had three molars extracted and some other treatments. My view of dentists (the butt of so many well-worn jokes) has changed for the better ... so if you have the time, take a drive, enjoy the views and see a good dentist!



Let's start off the blog with a happy scene .. this is the beach in Tarragona, Spain .. it was the first holiday my sister and I took without our parents .. and it was such fun!! This pic (I'm on the left) was taken later in the day (you can tell by the shadows) and probably by one of our three Polish friends or our three English friends. One day, I'll write about some of the crazy things that happened there!)


*.. Even though 'Stupid' hasn't figured out how to get the food out of the squirrel feeder, one of the local chickadees has! At the top of the Plexiglas enclosure, there are 'breathing' holes and one is just large enough for the little fellow to hop in, grab a shelled sunflower seed, and hop out. And I thought squirrels had larger brains than birds!

*.. We're coming up on the anniversary of dear Rich's death (March 20th) and it's not very easy for me at the moment ... good thing is, as everyone tells me, things get easier after the first year ...

*.. Upcoming happy times: trip to Kentucky, trip to Oregon, get sworn in as an American citizen (I'll have dual citizenship) ...


You just wont believe this cute little brainless squirrel ... he must have crushed nuts in his head! I propped up the lid of the squirrel feeder ... enough that even the chickadees can fly in, retrieve a morsel, and fly out with no problems.
Here comes STUPID ... hopping along the railing ... stops in front of the feeder ... stops again behind the feeder ... and goes on his merry way. This has transpired several times over the last three days and he still hasn't figured out how to get the food! Nothing else I can do for the poor blighter.


General Updates

*...I aced my citizenship test and will be sworn in at the beginning of May in San Francisco. I will became a dual citizen of the UK and USA at that time. And I'll be able to vote .. after 44 years in the US!

*..."Stupid" has not improved at all. He still runs over to the squirrel feeder ... stands on his tippy-toes, checks out the bottom of the feeder (solid metal), looks at the food through the plexiglas windows, then trots off, totally befuddled! We have wrapped the wooden 4x8 upright in sheet metal so at least he can't chew it anymore .. now I'm watching to make sure he doesn't start chewing somewhere else!

*...Trip to Costa Rica is postponed due to poor health of a couple of friends who were going along. We're hoping to reschedule perhaps in November .. it'll be a tad bit cooler then too.

*...My grief has greatly abated .. it's been just short of a year now since dear Rich died and even though I think of him every single day, I am used to not having him around anymore. He was my strength and support for so many years. I'm not looking forward to March 20th ... and not looking forward to scattering his ashes in the Bay as was his wish ... but both will come and go and I'll still be here.

I think that's all for now ... been rather quiet lately. Thanks for visiting.