Blackpool ... Photos from April 2009

This is me and a beautiful big dray horse ... we were visiting friends and this little girl came by on top of this handsome fellow ... so friendly too (both of them).

The 'Pleasure Beach' is right on the sea front at Blackpool .. it attracts so many visitors. At one time this dipper was the highest in the world .. I think it's the second highest now ... as kids we spent a lot of time at the Pleasure Beach.

The beach has had donkey rides since before my mother was born! When I was little it cost sixpence a ride ... as we were driving away from the beach, we saw these donkeys heading there for a day's work.

There are lots of landaus in the summer up and down the promenade .. full of tourists. This fellow got a jump start because the season doesn't get going until the end of May or so.

Just about everywhere you drive in Blackpool, you can see the Tower! It's about as old as the tower in Paris and has a fantastic view from the top as well as a world-famous ballroom and circus and a slew of entertainment.