Today I did my first 3 hours of volunteering at the local hospital. My 'job' was taking the coffee/tea cart around to patients in the hospital and their visitors .. it's a 'hospitality' cart and was well received. They had two ladies operating the cart on Tuesdays and Thursdays but both left so there's one other volunteer who's going to take the cart around twice a month and I'll take it once a week and maybe more (so they'll have it two days a week). It was appreciated by most people which made it much more enjoyable. We ran out of hot water for the tea and ended up using the microwaves in the wards .. we also finished the coffee so switched automatically to the decaff. Next time we'll be better prepared and will have the kitchen staff be sure to fill up the containers to the top.
I spent three hours walking around and my right leg is killing me now ... I've been waiting for a shot in my back (epidural) for a couple of weeks but it's been postponed three times ... next scheduled time is Tuesday afternoon so hopefully we can get it done then. Herniated disks are the pits .. especially when they pinch your sciatic nerve .. Keeping fingers crossed the epidural will help for a few months ...
I have located my albums . . including the animal rescue one . . but they're in a spot I can't get to without straining my back, so I have to wait until some unsuspecting person of the male gender comes down here so I can have him lift the box for me.
Well .. that's all for now .. not very interesting but it's the best I can do at the moment ..