More Pics ...

I took this one from our deck in Brookings, Oregon (on the southwest coast just north of California) early one morning ... in fact, I used it one year for our Christmas card ... I 'colored' it red and it really looked quite festive ..

This was taken at Lake Almanor ... the sun was setting and the clouds were turning pink .. just an awesome view ..

I love taking photos of cloud formations .. the more unusual the better. This was at Lake Almanor .. I'm not a meteorologist so I can't explain what was going on here, except that it made a spectacular sight.


Two more of my Faves

On one of our trips north out of Oregon, we detoured to the south side of Mount St.Helens ... as you can see, it was perfect weather ... everyone goes to look at the 'front' where the side was blown out .. not us! We got this great shot from the 'back' ... I enlarged it and framed it in deadwood. You can see the rust colored brush on the hill to the right and look closely and you'll see a plume of steam rising from the crown. It was an incredible feeling to be that close to a volcano that did so much damage. I think this photo is one of my best ... but maybe I'm not entirely objective ...

There are so many absolutely breathtaking things to see in Oregon ... this is on the southern Oregon coast a few miles north of Brookings (where we lived for ten years).
The state built a viewing platform from which this was taken and on one ambitious day, Rich hiked down there and walked across the top of those arches. I thought that was quite brave, especially as he can't swim!


More Pics ... Saturday night

This photo was taken on the southern Oregon coast ... it's Lewis Creek ... we drove down a dirt road and then had to climb over a metal gate to gain access to this beautiful creek. As you can see, I had the photo enlarged and it's hanging in my living room. This photo was published in a local calendar ... I was so proud.

On one of our Sunday drives (taken 7 days a week) we always looked out for roadside creeks and streams (what's the difference?). This is a gorgeous spot ... absolutely pristine.

Here we were driving alongside one of the coastal rivers and I spotted this unusual formation in my rear-view mirror ...

More of my Favorite Pics

This was taken at Glacier Bay, Alaska ... in September 2006 ... We went via Norwegian Cruise Lines and had a blast. The one thing that put us off cruising before was the 'dressing up for dinner' etc. but Norwegian is fantastic. You can eat whenever you want, wherever you want ... there's something open 24/7. We were fortunate in that we had the best weather of the summer for our cruise ... everyone told us there had been lots of wind, drizzle, rain, etc. but for our week-long cruise, we had fair weather everywhere.

We docked at Juneau and toured the area but just before we left port, I spotted this sailboat going back and forth alongside our ship ... I caught this shot just as the sun was going down ...
We docked in Skagway .. the only way in is by ship .. and as our scheduled tour of the town was about an hour away, we stayed on board for a while and watched the busy port ... people, trains, ships. This is a sister ship coming in ... I love the shot because it shows how steep and tall those mountains are.


2009 - Here I Come!

I have some great photos which I'd like to share ... they bring me joy ... I'll be posting them over the next several days ... I hope you enjoy viewing them.
One weekend, Rich and I drove up the Oregon coast and stayed in Florence .. a lovely town with lots of places to visit and views to take in. It's definitely a 'do not miss' on the Oregon coast.
We found a nice motel on the Siuslaw River (pronounced SIGH-OO'-SLAW) near a bridge, with a gorgeous view off the deck. One morning, I heard this boat's engine chugging up the river and it reminded me of the African Queen .. one of my favorite movies. I can see Bogie and Hepburn now ...

We used to go for day trips in the car, and longer trips in the RV ... we were fortunate enough to pass this gorgeous Oregon river on one of those outings. I know approximately where it is but I'm not totally sure ... it was a tranquil day and the river was like glass ...